Rotary makes sustainable change with Breakfast Festival


As its logic and ease have become more apparent to the average resident, sustainability has swept into all aspects of Wellesley culture, bettering organizational best practices, event logistics, and political climate.  With every year that passes, many more events and organizations adopt more sustainable standards that lessen the environmental and fiscal impact of their actions.

The Breakfast Festival, which traditionally kicks off the Wellesley Wonderful Weekend, draws thousands of hungry residents each year to descend on the Wellesley Middle School cafeteria and dine on stacks of pancakes fresh off the griddle.  An event of this size, however, demands the use of a large quantity of trays, which have traditionally been foam-based and unable to be recycled.

This year, in partnership with Sustainable Wellesley, the Rotary Club is taking major steps to steer the festival in a more sustainable direction.  Foam trays will be replaced by compostable trays manufactured from natural sources, such as sugarcane, grass, and reed plasma.  Unlike foam, which never decomposes naturally, the new trays can be composted and will break down quickly.

“The Rotary Club of Wellesley is proud to take steps towards a more sustainable future during its 55th annual Pancake breakfast,” said John Adams, Rotary Club President. “Wellesley’s growing environmental consciousness can be seen throughout our community and we are making strides to do our part as well.”

Fueling Rotary Club’s efforts to move in a sustainable direction will be volunteers from the Wellesley High School Key Club and Green Team.  Sustainable Wellesley has also booked Bootstrap Composting for the event, which will facilitate the collection and disposal of the event’s waste such that landfill contribution is minimal.

“We are so pleased to be part of turning the Breakfast Festival green,” said Quentin Prideaux, Sustainable Wellesley President.  “For years we’ve been bothered by all the Styrofoam trays at the festival, so when the John Adams said he wanted to go sustainable, we were delighted.”

This year’s festival will be held at Wellesley Middle School at 50 Kingsbury Street on Saturday, May 21 from 7am to 2pm.  Tickets are available at and at the door.

(Matthew Hornung and Keenan Ashbrook)


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