WHS Green Team Pushes “Go-Green Thursdays”

Recently, WHS Green Team members have been standing by trash cans at lunch to direct recycling efforts as part of a larger effort to develop a “Go-Green Thursday” program at the high school.

On November 15, America Recycles Day, Green Team members stood by trash cans and directed many students unaware of what and how to recycle as to how they could “green” their waste habits. The Green Team hoped to create more environmental awareness by standing at the trash cans and rewarding people with pencils for recycling.

“Recycling at lunch helps builds valuable habits,” said Green Team member Tony Shu, “while reducing the school’s large amount of waste.”

The Green Team felt that their efforts on National America Recycles Day were very effective and well-received by students. They plan to carry on the recycling awareness from America Recycles Day by re-launching an initiative called “Go-Green Thursdays”. The program originally began in April, but received little positive attention from faculty and students at the time. Under the re-vamped program, Go-Green Thursdays will occur on the first and last Thursdays of each month.

Go-Green Thursdays will start with a “green”-related activity in advisory chosen by the Green Team. The activities will include games and videos to encourage recycling and create awareness of the carbon footprint from school and individual students.

Later the same day at lunch, Green Team members will stand by trash cans and tell misguided students attempting to throw recyclables in the trash about the nearby recycling facilities. The Green Team hopes that by having these two elements of the program take place on the same day, students will continue to think about the environment and Go-Green Thursdays will leave a greater impact on them.

(Ethan Chiu)


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