The Great Depression: A Zombie Apocalypse – Part 3

Known reports of the transformed men told of their green skin and glowing eyes. They attacked everything, mostly eating the brains of others as compensation for their own loss of brain mass. Men who didn’t use the serum were instead hunted down and bitten by these mutated men. At first survivors of these attacks seemed okay, but days later they too were transforming into the same monsters that bit them. Women however were immune from the infection because of their XX chromosomes. Women all over the world sat and watched as their husbands and sons turned into monsters.

In a matter of weeks 98 percent of the world’s male population was converted to these monstrosities. President Roosevelt was one of the last to go, infected by his own Secret Service. His last broadcast to the United States told the remaining population this.

“Though times are dark as our world is extinguished by our own creation, one hope of humanity remains. Women of America and of the world, you are the last defense of mankind. In the great death of our civilizations, you must rise, and band together. Housewives, take arms and defend nations. Fight, and maybe you will live to see past the dark. It’s always darkest before the dawn.”

At that point his transformation overcame him, and his speech ended with, “God bless AmeriCAHHAGHHHHH ERHH BRAINS-”

Housewives, women and young children of the world sat paralyzed in their homes. Never before were they needed for a task so large and important. Never before were they asked to fight a Zombie apocalypse.

(Meilani Ching)


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