The Great Depression: A Zombie Apocalypse – Part 2

The next week they started human trials. The escape of the rat was logically figured to be from the newfound strength in the serum, and not found as an important contributing factor. Five brave men signed up for the trials, and it went extraordinarily well. Not only did the five “Elite-Humans” have enhanced strength, agility, and speed, but these five also had exceptionally high brainpower. Their new intelligence almost surpassed the specialists in the room.

With high hopes for their project, they launched production and sales immediately. Just weeks after the public release, sales skyrocketed. The company was making millions every day on the serum, and they ironically named it “Double X”, despite of its ability to work only on males with XY chromosomes, not women with XX chromosomes.

In the first few months of production all was well. Business was booming, and a new air of life spread throughout the world. Men all over the world were using the serum, since it could be found at any pharmacy. It wasn’t until January that some strange side effects had been reported. Men leaving their homes for the wilderness, attacks by pale green humanoids all over the world; some were saying that it was like a primal need to rampage in the streets.

New York was still in its slushy-snow winter period, when the announcement went public via the president. President Franklin Roosevelt told a nation that was just rising from its knees something that would knock the entire world back to the ground, never to get up again.

The developers of XX didn’t anticipate the human body’s incapacity to handle the serum. The mental and physical exhaustion triggered mental decay. It started slowly, but now a few months later, the effects sped up to the point of no return. Men that had taken the serum were left with a decaying mind. Their brains had just enough capacity left to revert to the most basic of survival skills. Users of XX were turned into strong, fast, agile, emotionless shells of humans, rampaging the streets, devouring any living thing in their path.

(Meilani Ching)


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