Feature: Talking to Quentin Prideaux

I first met Quentin Prideaux on Seminar Day at Wellesley High School. He was doing a presentation on climate change, provided by an organization called “the Climate Reality Project.” Headed by former Vice President Al Gore, this organization seeks to show the reality of climate change, and challenges those who deny its existence. Prideaux was taught how to give this presentation in August 2012, and was one of the few hundred people who were taught by Gore himself. His presentation pointed out the evidence that climate change is indeed happening around the world, and showed what “big oil” and “big coal” are trying to do to stop it. He also told the students some of the things that they could do to make their households “greener.”

Prideaux moved to Wellesley from England thirteen years ago, and since then he and his wife, Delissa, have had two children, Samantha (8) and Alex (13). He is a management consultant partner at Adler Associates. At Bristol University in the UK, he majored in physics, which he believes has allowed him to “understand the science behind climate change better.” He first heard about climate change in the late 80s. The more he “learned about climate change, the more [he] realized there was to do.”  He joined a local sustainability group in 2009, then called The Power of One. The name, which was later changed to Sustainable Wellesley, essentially meant that one person has the power to change the world, hence the “Power of One.”

Since he became a member, Prideaux has become one of the six co-leaders of Sustainable Wellesley. Prideaux gives presentations frequently, and notes that he would give a presentation “anywhere [he] can get five people or more together.” Prideaux strongly believes that climate awareness is important, and supports the goals of Sustainable Wellesley. After being asked about how green Wellesley is, he says that Wellesley is one of the greenest communities in Massachusetts as a result of the of the widespread support for the Municipal Light Plant, the local source of green energy.

I also asked Prideaux how long it would be before irreversible changes to our environment took place. He told me a startling truth: that certain irrevocable changes are already taking place, like the melting of permafrost and methane hydrate, which stays in the atmosphere for about 100 years, perpetuating global warming for an even longer time period.  Prideaux believes that “What we must do is stop it from getting even worse than it is already going to.” Prideaux encourages Wellesley residents to complete the Resident Sustainability Checklist and Certificate as a way to reduce their carbon emissions and make the world a safer place for generations to come.

(Corson Ellis)


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