Documentary on New, Greener WHS “In the Works”

Begun in spring 2012, the Wellesley High School Green Team is currently working to produce a video outlining all the “green” features of the recently finished high school, which was completed and opened last February.  The video is being produced collaboratively with the TV/Video department at WHS and video production organization KAMHA Productions.

At this point, the plans for the video include segments that show the classrooms, main office, cafeteria, parking lot, “green roof,” and more.  Many of the segments were filmed immediately upon the opening of the new school in 2012, and the few remaining ones will be filmed by the end of the term in April.

WHS Green Team members hope to have the video completed by this spring.  They plan for the video to be shown to students during Advisory, a ten minute block between blocks two and three at WHS.

According to WHS Green Team Co-President Christie Ledingham, “the video will hopefully provide education for future classes about Green features in our new building, and insure fostered concern in future generations that travel through Wellesley High School.”

(Matthew Hornung)


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