Donut Dollar System to Change at WMS

Until recently, the Wellesley Middle School Green Team was set to begin a new Litterless Lunch program in the New Year. For over a year, the Green Team has been awarding Litterless Lunch raffle winners gift certificates to local businesses. They have now decided to change the prize to a new award, nicknamed the “donut dollar.”  With this new system, a donut dollar is awarded to three winners per lunch, rather than only one raffle winner per lunch as before. The winners collect donut dollars within their homerooms, and once a homeroom has a total of three donut dollars, the entire homeroom receives a Donut Friday.

The WMS Green Team was excited and ready to carry out their new plan: A presentation had been created, and was presented to students during lunch. It thoroughly covered how the new system would run and what new things students should expect. The presentation also described how Litterless Lunch would be converted to an entirely electronic system.

The donut dollar prizes were extremely popular among students, but no so popular with some teachers. Green Team advisors said that a few faculty members have disapproved of the new prizes, saying that food should not be the incentive, especially such an unhealthy one. Members of the Green Team were very disappointed by this news, but decided to hold off on rewarding raffle winners with donut dollars until an alternative decision was reached.

At a recent meeting, Green Team members decided to keep a similar concept to that of donut dollars. For now, Green Team members are referring to them as “magic dollars,” but say they will present them to the student body with a more exciting name. What exactly a magic dollar is worth is still undecided, but they will remain a reward to entire homerooms.

Some Green Ambassadors at WMS want the magic dollars to be something that leads up to GreenFest, a green festival in the spring hosted by the school. Others disagree, saying that the magic dollars and Litterless Lunch should be something that remains separate from GreenFest.

A tentative conclusion has been reached that the prize is a reward for that homeroom that the teacher, Green Team and students all decide on together on a case by case basis. This can still include donuts, but other prizes such as a homework free night, a movie for the homeroom, or a pajama day could also be available options. The Green Team plans to discuss the issue again at their next meeting before an official decision is made and changes are presented to the students.

(Olivia Gieger)


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