Changes to Litterless Lunch at WMS

Among the many things changing at Wellesley Middle School, Litterless Lunch is being significantly reorganized this year. Litterless Lunch is the weekly program run by the WMS Green Team to promote the usage of reusable containers during lunch to produce less trash or “litter”.  Each time, participants are entered into a raffle.  At the end of lunch, the green team members draw a winner, who receives a prize, usually a gift card.  These gift cards are provided by various local businesses in Wellesley, who have donated the cards for use by the WMS Green Team.

One issue addressed at the beginning of the year by the Green Team was that the program was using paper raffle tickets. This year, to completely rid Litterless lunch of “litter,” the Green Team has switched to an electronic system created by Timmy Yee, an active member.  If you have a “litterless” lunch, a number is assigned to your name. A number is then chosen at random, and the corresponding name is announced as the winner of that lunch’s raffle.

This program is completely new, and currently being tested in the eighth grade only. The WMS Green Team hopes that with time, this new, state of the art system will be implemented in all litterless lunches.

(Tony Shu)


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